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Vane to Dry Pump Conversions

Vane to Dry Pump Conversion

For semiconductor companies who are dissatisfied with reduced yields caused by cross-contamination from reverse molecular flow inherent in wet pumps, the FMG Vane to Dry Pump Conversion Program removes the major contamination point in a system – enabling higher yields and reducing costs dramatically.

Unlike other pump (re)manufacturers, FMG provides Tool Equipment Engineers with pump, tool, system and Fab knowledge. As your point of contact they provide solution advice on system configurations and equipment for correct process application set up.

Consider this: how often have you changed the oil in your vane pump, over and over again, each time worrying about back contamination in the chamber causing wafer loss? All this is unnecessary because FMG’s Vane to Dry Pump Conversion Program is designed to help you improve business processes and reduce costs by converting your wet pumps to dry pumps.
This program allows customers to see the benefits with the use of an FMG Certified™ dry pump and reduction of maintenance costs immediately.

For example:

  • Cost of oil per kilo x qty of oil to fill a wet pump
  • Cost of CFS & ARS filter
  • Number of oil changes per year: 2 – 50 times
  • Cost of man power per hour

The cost to maintain a single vane pump in one year can easily cost more than a purchase of a dry pump from FMG. Not worrying about all that cost because you converted to a dry pump – priceless.

Now imagine an all too typical outcome, if the oil in a wet pump were to migrate back into the chamber of a tool:

  • Cost of loss for each wafer
  • Lost production due to down tool
  • Cost for a pump (new or rebuild)
  • Cost of man power (to clean chamber, exhaust lines, fore lines, etc) associated with the system

The cumulative result can be $$$ millions. FMG’s Vane to Dry Pump Conversion Program can eliminate the guess work and provide a tried, tested and proven solution.


  • Fab walkthrough and assessment of pump inventory
  • Decommission or complete disposal of pumps from tools & installation and start of new equipment pumps
  • Assistance with set up of interface from pump to tool


  • Higher yields
  • Enhance system processes
  • Reduce molecule / particle count
  • Cost savings
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