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Training Programs

Training Programs Overview

FMG’s staff of factory-trained technicians can provide its customers with a unique level of proficiency training, skills and aptitude to assist them in maintaining their equipment and minimize downtime. FMG offers comprehensive training programs to meet any customer’s needs at a level that’s both affordable and efficient.

We offer training for all types of equipment

We offer training for all major brands


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“Picked up some new ideas to apply back on-site.”

“Plenty of hands on experience & exercises which is a much more effective tool for learning in this field…”

”I have been on several vendor training courses in the USA and Germany and this was far more beneficial.”

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Vacuum Pump Training Program

For semiconductor companies who want training to take full ownership of their vacuum pumps’ maintenance, FMG provides the most comprehensive and practical training courses needed available in the industry.

Unlike vendor-specific training, FMG’s courses cover all brands and all types of pumps and blowers. The main focus of our training is on the realities of the FAB systems environment – especially during shutdowns and startups.

Explanation and training on the assembly and preventative maintenance helps your team understand the inner workings of the vacuum pumps. You get better acquainted with your systems to recognize early signs of trouble, prevent premature failures, and costly downtime.

A typical 3-5 day curriculum can run shorter or longer depending thenumber of pump models taught. The program can be tailored to any experience level – extensive for someone new to the field, or intensive for senior level technicians. The course can be based around the technician’s prior pump experience and knowledge.


• Overview of pump operation, theory, structure
• Facilities requirement
• Safety shutdown and start up procedures
• Leak testing procedures, how to and what to look for
• Preventative maintenance procedures
• Gas control setups
• Installation / removal of pumps and blowers
• Set up for light, medium, and harsh processes
• Test procedures (base pressure, speed curve, temperature)
• Cleaning and inspection of exhaust silencer (step-by-step procedures)
• Troubleshooting and error codes (what they mean and how to clear them)


• “Out of the box” approach to training & troubleshooting
• Systems level methodology
• All brands
• All types
• Beyond theory – practical real-world applications
• Tips from the pros
• What they don’t tell you at vendor specific training

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