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Adixen pumps are recommended for general vacuum applications in industry, research laboratories, and wherever else portability and lightweight, vibration-free operation is essential. Their totally enclosed design provides clean operation and ensures operator safety. These Adixen pumps are widely used on Mass Spectrometers.

Adixen Vacuum Pump Features

The distinctive features and performance characteristics of Adixen pumps reflect the stringent parameters which dictate their design and construction. For example, all standard production pumps incorporate hardened steel rotors, positively lubricated and frictionless hydro-dynamic bearings, and stainless steel vane springs and filters. The vanes are made of tough, high density laminated asbestos, specially compounded to resist corrosion and wear. They are spring loaded, and do not rely on centrifugal force for sealing. A patented anti-suckback valve with its integral rubber seal serves as an oil metering device, and prevents oil from being sucked back into the vacuum system should the motor be stopped inadvertently. The effectiveness of the anti-suckback system eliminates the need for expensive electromagnetic safety valves in some applications.

Added Adixen vacuum pump features:

Direct Drive. No exposed moving parts or drive belts. Low Vibration Levels. Meet noise standards required for research laboratories and analytical instrumentation and other delicate measuring systems.

Gas Ballasting. Condensible vapor handling systems are standard on all Adixen pumps.

Simplified Maintenance. Integral oil level indication is provided, and oil drain and fill holes are easily accessible. Internal design is engineered to permit field maintenance and repairs without special tools or equipment.

Internal Baffles. Intake system has filter screen and optically dense aperture. Splash arrestor prevents oil migration during large-volume pumpdowns. Exhaust baffles suppress sound. NW25 Vacuum Connections. Quick-connect system of fittings provides compatibility with other components, lowers installation costs.

The inlet and outlet fittings can be mounted on the side of the pump when working in small areas.

Whatever your vacuum application requirements, Adixen is the intelligent choice. With an Adixen rotary vacuum pump, you are assured of the superior quality, high reliability, and unmatched performance for which these pumps are so widely known and accepted.

Adixen pumps are also noted for their smooth, quiet operation, award-winning styling, and compactness features which make them ideally suited to any environment. In fact, they require less than half the bench, cabinet, or floor space required by belt driven pumps having equivalent pumping speeds. They conform to OSHA requirements in that their unique designs eliminate external moving parts thereby ensuring complete operating safety.

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