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Preventative Maintenance

For companies, who want to keep their line technicians focused on productivity, our PM Program is a proven alternative that provides a transparent solution that is more reliable and cost effective than in-house approaches. Pump manufacturers often have little or no experience outside their own product lines, and would prefer to only sell new pumps. FMG has repaired and provided support for virtually every OEM pump producer since 1987. We also specialize in supporting major semiconductor manufacturers.

FMG’s PM Program was designed by experienced tool managers because we understand the frustration and pain of dealing with a down production line. FMG can provide Certified technicians to handle all your vacuum pump and peripheral repair service requests to help keep you up and running.

Through our customer management maintenance system (CMMS) and tracking programs, we are able to archive customer pump histories for many years. This unique database management system enables FMG to provide custom reporting on pump failures and develop ideal preventive maintenance schedules.

Improve your uptime by selecting FMG as your outsourcing partner.

Our PM program offers you the following:


  • Scheduled interval preventative maintenance
  • Visual inspection for leaks
  • Check and record pump parameters including fluid levels, temperature, pump flows
  • Change grease, bearings and filters as needed
  • Perform vacuum integrity leak check
  • Check exhaust to detect clogged mufflers
  • Check any facility issues directly associated with the pump
  • System leak check


  • Foresee potential problem areas before any occurrences may arise
  • Extends pump life, positively affects bottom line with reduced numbers of pump rebuilds or purchases
  • Maximize overall equipment uptime for production

Please contact FMG to get additional information, to discuss how a tailored FMG PM program can save you money via reduced downtime and production loss prevention. Call to schedule an appointment for a facility walk-through or to receive a proposal and quote for services.


FMG will perform all Preventative, Predictive and Corrective Maintenance on contracted customer owned, process vacuum pumps and related equipment:

  1. Interval PM service to include 3 month, 6 month and annual PM tasks to support overall maintenance strategies including the selection of:
    • Critical components
    • Frequencies of performance
    • Preventative, predictive, corrective maintenance tasks
  2. Be responsible and held accountable for responding to user requests for the following services:
    • After-hours troubleshooting calls
    • Minor maintenance and repairs
    • Removal of equipment for repair from doghouse location or from equipment tool at Customer’s site
    • Shutdown/Start up support of pumps during all such events (including major holidays)
  3. Perform maintenance tasks and activities so that Key Performance Indicators can be developed and used for improvement.
  4. Troubleshoot vacuum pipeline from intake side and exhaust side to pump or abatement system.
  5. Provide solution advice on system configurations and equipment for correct application process setup.
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