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Edwards IGX100N Dry Pump – FMG Certified™ Remanufactured


These pumps are available for immediate delivery and come with a one year FMG non-process related warranty. Limited quantities are available.
> Send FMG a Request for this Pump
> Send FMG a Request for this Pump

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  • Lower Utilities Costs
  • Designed for Energy Efficiency
  • High performance motors and inverter drives
  • Low operating power consumption
  • Lower power standby mode using Active Utility Control (AUC)
  • Nitrogen dilution can be tuned to the application requirement
  • Minimizes gas usage
  • Highly efficient cooling
  • High conductivity materials and good design enables low water flow
  • Precision ceramic bearings
  • Very high load capability for reliability
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Ethernet Connectivity

The iGX Series includes unique web serving functionality that allows viewing of key parameters through a simple Ethernet connection and browser. Any user can simply connect to the pump to view a range of information, such as:

  • Operating status
  • Key parameters
  • Parameter setpoints
  • Alert summary